The mind games of a recovering athlete

I’m not going to lie, the past 2 weeks have been a struggle. Last week I started my walk run program with 6x( 30 sec running, 4.5mins walking ). Even though I was excited about getting back into running, it is hard to be reduced to only running for 30 seconds. To get over this I continue to think how lucky I am to be running again, even if it is only for 20 seconds. It is amazing how working to change your mindset can really improve your entire workout. Visualization has been very crucial for me in my recovery. When I’m running, or walking, I’m picturing myself being very efficient, being light on my feet and clipping along at a quick pace with little effort. Obviously reality is a little different, but focusing on technique is never a bad thing.

My program involved the walk/run one day and then a rest day. After 3 walk/runs my leg started hurting again. This wasn’t so much during the run, but after. Even lying in bed I would go to move my leg and get a shooting pain through my lower leg. Needless to say, I had to stop my walk/run program until I figure out what is going on. Tonight I have physio again and I’m hoping it is just tight muscles that are pulling on the bone and causing pain. There is little chance that the bone is still broken, so hopefully I’m good to go soon.

Having to stop my walk/run program is incredibly frusterating because things should have been nice and healed by now. This entire injury I have been very patient and have followed the recovery program fully and even delayed the walk/run program by 2 weeks. It’s hard enough to deal with these set backs, but lately when I tell people that my leg is hurting again they immediately judge me and tell me I am training to much and trying to come back to quickly. This has really started to eat away at me. Right now I’m so frusterated and am really trying to get better in a smart way. Trust me, if there is one person out there who wants me to succeed this year, it’s me!



One thought on “The mind games of a recovering athlete

  1. I’m sorry to hear that the road to recovery has been bumpier than you hoped. I know that you are super dedicated, whether it be to training or rehab, and nobody should doubt that you are being smart about this. I am sending you warm fuzzy healing thoughts! Try to keep smiling and have faith that your patience and restraint will pay off! 🙂

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