What a ride

Yesterday was truly an incredible day on the bike for me. The sun was shining, the weather was mild and I had nothing pressing that I needed to do during the day. So, I decided to do a long bike ride. I left the house just before noon and headed down to Speed Theory to pick up some extra tubes. From there I headed out of the city to Bragg Creek. After that I cruised over to Cochrane to climb the hill and then headed North a little further before heading back into Calgary. By time I got home is was 5:15 and the day was pretty much over. This is the longest ride I have done alone and it was a treat. Throughout the ride it was interesting to take note of my mental state as I went through various levels of fatigue. By the end I was out of food and water and just wanted to get home. The last 45mins truly was a struggle as my legs didn’t want to turn the pedals over any more.

When I got home I collapsed on the couch and then realized that food was my #1 priority. Today I’m still feeling it in the legs, but the swim this morning seemed to wake things up. Today I’m starting my walk/run program and heading out for a 2 hour ride. If I can give you a word of advice Calgarians…..enjoy this weather while we have it!



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