Living in a car down by the river

So this week I had a homeless person moment. This is one of those times when you feel dirty, homeless and like you don’t really have anywhere to go. I had finished work and training at the Talisman and had 90mins before I was to start working at Speed Theory. Considering I’d been up since 5 the natural thing to do was nap, but where? Well, I drive and 88 Oldsmobile that is known as the couch on wheels. It’s massive and incredibly comfortable. So, I put on my toque, gloves and zipped up my jacket and laid down in the back sleep. I set my phone to go off in an hour and fell right asleep. It’s amazing how that refreshed me for the day. I do wish I had a video camera of the people outside my car though. Based on some of the comments I heard before I drifted off, people were a little shocked to see me there. Awesome! I highly recommend it.

Have a great weekend!


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