Looks good.

Today I had another physio appointment and I feel great. I’m slowly making progress in my ability to fire the small, deep muscles and my imbalances are getting less severe. My leg is getting much better and I haven’t had any pain in about 2 weeks. There is pain in my leg, but it is in the locations where the cast presses on the leg for hours each day. Learning to distinguish between the stress fracture pain and pain from other factors like the cast and lack of movement has been crucial for me in determining recovery. Friday I’m scheduled to get the cast off, so I’m excited. Saturday morning I’ll start cycling even if the cast doesn’t come off. Cycling easy should put less stress on the tibia than walking in a cast, so I’m confident it’ll be fine.

I stumbled across this video the other day and now I really want to see it. The cinematography and viewpoint of the movie looks unique and in depth. Check it out. If anyone has seen it leave some feedback and let me know how it is.

A Ride With George Hincapie


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