Just activate!

Yesterday I started the next step on my recovery back, Physio. I went down to Tower Physio in downtown Calgary. I was seeing Dr David Holmes about my leg and trying to get rid of any imbalances I have. He is one of the most amazing people I have met and I came out of the appointment knowing that this year I’ll be running faster than ever. He doesn’t rely solely on traditional techniques, but really  listens to you and tries to apply brand new research and technology. What we were working on yesterday was neural firing in key muscles. I have some imbalances and problems activating some muscles in my hip and leg, so I’m working on activating only those muscles. It’s tough and involves sitting on the toilet (with the seat down) to do one exercise, but I think it’s fantastic. I’ll update you on this later as things improve.

Have a great weekend,


One thought on “Just activate!

  1. Wicked. I think Dave is going to cure the world. He is also probably pretty stoked that he decided to sign up for ETS in the fall – I’ve recommended 4 friends to him so far. Hope he doesn’t get too busy from all the recs!

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