Losing my crutches

My armpits are sweating with joy today. Yes, it’ll take a couple days for the chafing to completely go away, but I’m can now leave the crutches in my car for emergency situations only. This morning I had a dr’s appointment and he was very pleased with how I’m healing. He wants me to try walking with my air cast and see how things go. It sounds like another 2 weeks before I’m out of the boot, but we are seeing progress. Tomorrow I start a rehab program at the U of C with my old anatomy proff.

Training today has been fantastic. My swim was an early one, starting at 5am, but was one of the best swims I’ve had in a while. My stroke seemed to be fluid, I was gliding, rolling and catching lots of water. Needless to say I felt fantastic. Then I hopped out of the water, coached the Talisman Tri Club for an hour and then hopped back in the pool for 80mins of water running. Again while running I was able to zone out and the time seemed to fly by. No pain in the tibia today and feeling great.


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