Hockey night in Calgary

Things have been going fairly well this week. On Monday I had a follow-up Dr’s appointment and he told me I needed to back off on the swimming and water running until I could do it without pain. This lasted all of the rest of the day and then I figured out a way to do both without pain. As long as I use a pull buoy almost the entire time while swimming my leg doesn’t hurt at all. When water running I tie my foot in a dorsiflexed position. This seems to work wonders and now I’m back tearing up the lanes at Talisman.

Last night I took a break from my working and training regime to enjoy some festivities at the Saddledome.  The Calgary Flames were playing the Pitsburg Penguins and I was fortunate enough to sit 8 rows off the ice behind the net. Now, I don’t normally follow hockey, but I won’t pass up tickets or spending time with some friends.

You’ll be happy to know that I didn’t make a fool of myslef and fall flat on my face with my crutches. As we were leaving the game, I found a crutch buddy waiting at the top of the icy stairs. So, I crutched over to him tapped his crutches with mine and called him my crutch buddy. He didn’t seem to really appreciate the situation and just muttered at the top of the stairs while I descended the stairs, praying I wouldn’t bail. Thanks Paul, that was a great night!



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