I can’t catch a break!

Happy New Years everyone. It has been a very rough start to 2010 for me. To be honest I haven’t posted for a while because I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff lately and needed some time to sort through it. Just as everything was starting to pick up and my fitness was coming around I get smacked in the face with another injury. I have a stress fracture in my right tibia.

This week I was supposed to start back into intervals for running and cycling, but instead I’m stuck in an air cast, on crutches and hobbling around. I can’t bike, run, walk or even push off the walls while swimming for a couple weeks. That means it’s open water flip turns while swimming and water running for me for the next little while.

So, how did this happen? Well, about 2 weeks ago I was at track practice doing some bounding and plyometrics after my run. On one of the last bounding sessions it felt like my tibia (the larger weight bearing bone in your lower leg) felt like it was going to snap in half. After I finished core and the rest of my exercises it was ok to run home on (although it still hurt). Two days later when I could still feel things I hopped on a treadmill to see how the pain would be in a very controlled environment. The pain continued to increase for 10 mins until I could not walk properly. Increasing pain with a stress fracture is a major symptom. I called the dr and told him I was positive I had a stress fracture because it now hurt all the time. Because of the holidays it took forever to get into a dr and to get the xray and bone scan done. I asked to see the bone scan pictures and knew it was a stress fracture by the picture. Arghh, that was not a good day.

Stress fractures typically occur after constant stress on a bone (eg. repetitive running motion on hard pavement). My analysis of the situation was that a dr screwed me over. My bones have always been incredibly strong and I have had no issues until 9 months ago when a dr told me to go off calcium supplement. I don’t digest dairy very well and therefore don’t eat a lot of it. The result, minimal calcium intake right when running mileage was increasing. My body has handled much more running than I was doing, so this is why I think this occurred right now, combined with the fact that I’m 20lbs heavier than when I was last running 2 years ago.

Right now I have all sorts of emotions going through my mind: anger, frustration, confusion, doubt, motivation, sadness. This is not what I needed after being out for 19months. I have to really rely on my faith right now and trust that God has a reason for what is going on.

I will get through this, I will race this summer and I will be faster than I ever have been before.



2 thoughts on “I can’t catch a break!

  1. Hi Grant,
    I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog post today and I am really sorry to hear about your new injury. I am sure it is so difficult to stay positive after so many setbacks, but I am sure that you will pull through and it will work out! No question you will be a stronger and more knowledgeable athlete once this is all over. I also wanted to tell you that I have been using your experience with injury as a bit of a motivator for myself lately. When you started coaching the tri club I started following your blog and I have been very inspired at how you have come back after so many months of injury to train, once again, at a very high level. For myself, I feel like I have been in pain and unable to run or do anything active without feeling somewhat crippled afterwards for what feels like forever now. In reality it has been about 8 or 9 months. Almost every day I try to remember that I AM actually getting better now and it won’t last forever and one day I will be better than ever. And then I think “Grant was out for almost two years, and look, he’s doing awesome! You can be awesome too!” So don’t give up! I’m totally rooting for you! I know it will work out! Stay positive and have fun! If I learned anything this year it’s that stress impedes recovery, so keep smiling 🙂

  2. Hey that’s too bad to hear about your stress fracture. I have some idea what that’s like, having had three of those before and just recovered from one recently (though none so severe that I needed a cast).

    One question though: you said you have had incredibly strong bones in the past until 9 months ago, when your doctor took you off a calcium supplement. Is calcium really that crucial? I have about 1 cup of milk with my cereal in the morning, maybe a small yogourt later on and that’s usually about it for my dairy for the day… is that enough, could that be part of my problem?

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