First workout back….Awesome!

This Sunday I decided to test myself and jump in on the track teams tempo run. I have done no speed workouts in well over a year and have been relying on volume, drill and short strides and plyometrics. The workout was 4x6mins with 2mins recovery. I started out conservative and they were all very close, if not getting further on each repeat. I was working hard, but felt smooth and relaxed until the last repeat when I really tried to kick it in. This proved to be such a huge mental boost to me, that even after 19months away I can come back and run at the front of the pack with no workouts under my belt. Granted we weren’t racing, but I’m very pleased, especially considering I had done 90mins on the bike earlier that morning. I felt like G-Force again! Now it’s a couple easy weeks of volume and then really get into ramping things up after christmas.

I’m now heading for a nap because I’m tired and I work a Casino for the ATA tonight from 10-3am….Yuck!



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