The end to a solid week

This week has been a very solid week of training for me. The week started off really well with solid training sessions and a couple 90min runs and 4.5km swims. When Wednesday rolled around, I was very tired but still able to get the workouts in. I was going to be before 10pm each night so I’d have a good rest before the alarm went off just after 5. Friday was definitely the best day of the week. I wasn’t sure how my body was holding up, but I felt great. I was in the pool at 5:30 for a 5km swim. It ended up being a 90min set because of the drills, kick, and nature of the set. My technique kept improving with the set and I was swimming well. After my swim I changed clothes and hoped on the bike for a 2hr ride in Talisman Centre. My legs quickly made the sport transition and my wattage was the best I’ve seen it all year.

By 9:30AM I was done 3.5 hours of training and ready to go to work for the next 9 hours. All day I ate everything in sight and just started to feel recovered and full at about p last night. Today I’m taking very easy and most of my workout will be shoveling snow, plowing through snowdrifts and an easy spin.



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