I actually worked hard

Yesterday was a huge confidence boost to my training. I have been going easy for a while now and still don’t have any plans to get back to intervals any time soon. Yesterday I did end up going hard in the pool. The main set was 500, 4×250 desc and 5×100 desc (1:40). All morning I wasn’t feeling that great but decided to put the effort in and see what I could do. I wasn’t going all out by any means but managed to get the 100’s down to 1:16, 1:17, 1:14, 1:14, 1:12. The last one felt like a 1:10 effort, but the time didn’t correlate.

After a day of running errands and having a quick nap, I went to running practice. There ended up being a solid group of 4 guys heading for a medium run. We did a solid tempo run for 35mins on Douglas Fir trail and were rolling 3:18kms along the river for a while. It was a huge confidence boost to know that on my first hard interval back I can hang on with these guys. The best part of the run was when Geoff looked at me in middle of the run, both of us grinning and sweating profusely and said “Good to have you back G-Force”. Thanks Geoff, it is good to be back!



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