A great morning swim/run session

This morning I got up to my usual 5:15 alarm and headed down to Talisman Center. I started off the morning with a 75min swim consisting of 4×400 alt swim/pull, 8×50 golf and, 3×200 kick and a lot of drill and easy swimming. It was a solid workout and I felt fantastic. By the end I was getting a good catch in the water and engaging my lats and core with each stroke. 

After the swim I hoped out, washed the chlorine off, grabed my ipod and hoped on the tready for a quick 90mins. I rolled very easily at 8mph for the full 90 and felt very relaxed. This mornings workout was a huge mental boost and an indicator the the pain of the past few weeks is paying off. After work tonight I think I’m going salsa dancing to reward myself. I just have to make sure I’m in bed early.


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