Gold Medal Plates Dinner

Last night was the Gold Medal Plates dinner in Calgary. There are 7 stops across Canada for this wonderful event which raises money for Canadian Olympic athletes and exhibits the culinary expertise of local chefs as well as the best wine in the country. The event started in 2004 and I have had the opportunity to be involved since 2005. Since it’s conception, Gold Medal Plates has raised over 2.8 Million dollars for Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Wednesday night I went down for a few hours to help set up for the event and then last night it was put on a suit and enjoy yourself with immaculate food and great conversation.

This year I was fortunate enough to be the athlete representative at Black Hills Estate Winery. Black Hills is not only one of the top vineyards in Canada (arguably the world), but they are also a long time supporter of Gold Medal Plates. Several of the wines exhibited at the event were graciously donated by Black Hills, which everyone appreciated. Everyone at the table was very friendly and eager to chat. I couldn’t have asked for a better table or more enjoyable conversation that ranged from athletics to careers to parties gone bad at Heritage Park. I would like to thank again Black Hills for purchasing a table last night and for their continued support of Canadian athletes. My table last night really made me feel supported and knowing there is that type of support for Canadian Athletes is very special.

Last night’s event makes me very optimistic about 2010 in Vancouver. Go Canada Go!



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