Turkey and First Aid

This title may alarm some of you, but there is no need to be alarmed. This title just sums up my past couple days. The long weekend was fantastic. Saturday was pretty quiet at work and so we spent a lot of the day watching Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington win the Ironman World Championships in Kona again. What a fantastic race on the mens side! Saturday night I had a family dinner and the rest of the weekend was spent eating, sleeping, napping and working around the house.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had a CPR/First aid course in South Calgary. Of course these were terrible days on the roads in Calgary with the snow and cold temperatures. To avoid this I left before 6am and swam at a pool close to the grocery store where the course was. That is right, the course was in a Superstore, awesome. Swimming has been going alright this past week. I’m feeling a little better in the water, but my shoulders and lats are definitely sore from the past week. This morning on my bike ride back after swimming I took a bail on my bike and it felt like I popped my shoulder out of place. It still hurts, but the pain is going away as I ice it, so let’s hope nothing major comes of this. I’m back at Speed Theory today and then I’m going for a run tonight. Lately I’ve been tired because of the increase in training, but as a whole I’m feeling good.



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