Back in the pool: a beautiful and humbling experience

I just got back from my first swim in 4 months. After a long absence I decided that it is now time to get back in the water….Ouch. The fact that I am in the water again and working towards my goal is very exciting, but reality hits pretty quickly. My flexibility, strength, technique and endurance is terrible, but my mind is strong. Every second of the hour was enjoyable, although very humbling.

My experience this morning was unique, special and quite pleasant. When I arrived at the pool I thought it was closed because the only lights on were the ones in the water. Thankfully the pool was open and I had 2 lanes all to myself. The ambience of the pool made for a quite a special swim. It felt like it was just me and the water, re-united again. There was no one there to judge me, no clock to measure me and nothing to criticize me. As I swam along I remembered why I enjoy swimming and the passion of my sport was confirmed. My lips didn’t speak a word all morning as I pondered what has been and looked forward to the journey back. A morning alone in the water with my thoughts was exactly what I needed.


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