New Product PowerBar Gel Blasts

This year I have integrated a great new product into my nutrition system. On August 4 PowerBar released Gel Blasts to Canada and I can’t stop eating them. They are so delicious and easy to eat. Here is an article I wrote for the Speed Theory Newsletter. If you want to try this product come visit me at Speed Theory or go to you closest PowerBar provider. 

PowerBar introduces their new raspberry flavored liquid filled Gel Blasts energy chews as a new option for pre and during exercise nutrition. Gel Blasts are part of the PowerBar C2Max system containing an optimized glucose/fructose blend for maximal energy to muscles as well as electrolytes. PowerBar did a nice job making Gel Blasts soft and easy to eat, not chewy or sticky. Unlike other chews, Gel Blasts are easily digestible and not really sweet. A packet can be consumed pre race or 1-3 blasts can be consumed every 10-15mins followed by water during exercise as required. Each packet contains 190 calories (equivalent to 1.5gels), 60mg Sodium, 45g Carbohydrates, 36g sugars, 3g protein and 15% vitamin C.

For more info please visit

Happy Eating!


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