Latest energy update

Ever since I saw the dr in July my life has been anything but a normal routine. Between the Calgary 70.3 and Blake’s wedding, my sleep patterns and schedule has been thrown off, not to mention the highs of these events. What I have noticed is an overall improvement in feeling well. My body seems ‘cleaner’ and I feel like I’m getting rid of a bunch of toxins that have been built up. I assume most of this is due to the treatment with herbal tees, new vitamins and minerals and enzymes as well as drinking distilled water.

My energy levels haven’t drastically changed, but I’m feeling pretty good these days. I even went for a bike and a run this week. Both my room mates were gone, so I decided to get some social interaction and set up easy sessions with a couple friends. Other than a couple times when they wanted to push it on the hills, I was able to get through a 60min run with a 150HR and a 2 hour bike (on seperate days of course). Let’s hope thing continue to improve so I can get back to things in the fall.

Thanks for the constant thoughts and prayers,


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