Calgary 70.3. Tales from the lead female vehicle.

Wow, what a weekend. I’m still trying to recover from such a great long weekend. This past weekend Speed Theory helped host the Viterra Calgary 70.3. It was such a great event and a lot of fun. Even though I ended up working 12-20 hour days for 4 days straight, it was all worth it.

It was awesome to see so many friends there and to make new ones. This weekend I was doing everything from changing tubes, giving out PowerBar’s, boxing bikes, selling product to helping on the race course.

One of the main benefits this weekend was cruising around in new Subaru’s courtesy of Paul from Centaur Subaru. He is a good friend and he gave me a Subaru Forester XT for the weekend. Needless to say it has exponentially more power that the 88 oldsmobile I’m currently borrowing from my parents.

The race went off well and I was privileged enough to be in the lead vehicle for the bike. If you are watching the coverage on TSN, I’ll be the crazy guy in the passengers seat! There was definitely some impressive displays of fitness on the bike. I was impressed mostly by Trev Williams or T dubbs, who laid down a 2:09 bike split for 94km. This was his first major race back after a concussion and I think he did ok. Here are some photos from the weekend.

Transition the night before. This is before all the fences blew over as we were setting up the bike course.
Calgary 70.3 009

My view from the lead women’s car. Mirinda Carfrae is an beast on the bike!

Calgary 70.3 012

Trev asking me his bike split and doing a pit check!
Calgary 70.3 022

Scott Curry on the run.
Calgary 70.3 025

Trev rocking the handlebar facial hair.
Calgary 70.3 026

Kyle Marcotte running on the WRONG side of the path!
Calgary 70.3 027

Lisa Mensink on her way to a 4th place finish with her soon to be trademark one short leg rolled up.
Calgary 70.3 029

Congrats to all who raced.



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