So…about that Dr

The past week has been incredibly crazy. I have been in Edmonton, then Colorado and now back to work trying to get things ready for Ironman Calgary 70.3.

Last Sunday I headed up to Edmonton for a Dr’s appointment with Dr. Herbert DeloRey and to spend some time with Blake and Julianna. My appointment was monday morning at 9am and was 3 hours long. Dr DeloRey is an MD, Naturopath and Homeopath, along with about 5 other degree’s. He is the smartest person I have ever met and I couldn’t believe what he did. He works mostly with your immune system and the electrical impulses of your body. During the session I was hooked up to his computer what used radio waves to determine how my body was doing and what I needed to get better. I didn’t really understand all of the process, but I’m pretty sure it’ll help. While he was doing this, he was able to read things about my body that I had never told him, like that I have bad digestion, my legs swell up, I am incredibly hard on myself, etc. Crazy!

The next step is I am on a 6 month treatment program of herbs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and specific water molecules to alter the electrical fields in my body. I am also not supposed to eat pork or shell fish and can only drink distilled water and I have to avoid using microwaves. This all may sound crazy, but this guy has cured cancer on more than one occasion, so I have some faith in him. When I was about ready to leave, Dr DeloRey looked me straight in the eye and said he was completely confident that he could cure me and I would get my life back. I have never met a Dr who could say that.

So here we go…


One thought on “So…about that Dr

  1. Hithere, I to also went to see Dr. Delorey, just this past week. I was curious as to reading what you had to say , how are things going? I would really like to hear back from you . Thanks for your post and I look forward to hearing from you.

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