As of late…

We have been getting some rain here lately in Calgary. My dad will be so excited because the crops really need the rain, and when we don’t get it he always gets nervous. This past weekend Blake and Julianna (my brother and soon to be sister in law) were down for the weekend. We went to the Stampede to watch the grandstand show and chuck wagons. On Sunday I went to the mountains to go for a nice walk with my family. I miss the mountains so much and will have to make sure I spend some more time in them before the summer is over.

As far as training has been going lately, I have been feeling great. Except for the fact that I thought I broke my wrist 2 weeks ago and it’s still hurting, I’m feeling pretty good. I spent last Tues and Wed on my bike. Each day turned into a solid 3 hour bike. It was beautiful out and I was riding on my own just going easy and loving life. It’s nice to finally feel like I can ride for a while and not hurt. I’m stoked about this because next week I get to go down to brain bike to learn about and test ride the new Cervelo line up! Should be sweet.


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