Wasa lake triathlon

This past weekend I did a world wind trip out to Wasa Lake BC to help with the triathlon. On Saturday I was doing an Oakley demo at the race expo and the Sunday morning I was doing mechanical work before the race and then cheering at the top of my lungs and volunteering in transition for the rest of the day. The weekend was such a blast, and I knew so many people. It’s amazing how many people you get to know in the sport and each year, the races are like a reunion. It was a little difficult for me to be out there and not raced. I shed a tear when the airhorn went off. That loud annoying sound just gets me every time!

There were some stellar performances this weekend. My friends Andrew Russell and Catherine Brown had solid races to take the mens and womens overall titles. There were many other solid performance by friends and team mates, so I won’t mention any more because I don’t have the time! Here are some pics of the weekend.

I was given the Speed Theory cruiser to cruise out in. It was awesome.

Wasa Tri 2009 341

Grant Burwash

Stopping to enjoy the scenery.

Wasa Tri 2009 346

Grant Burwash

Yeah Speed Theory.

Wasa Tri 2009 353

Grant Burwash

Wasa Tri 2009 351
I really needed company for the 4 hour trip!


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