Well, yesterday was the big day. After 5 years, several thousand dollars, long nights and great times I finally convocated. I now am an official graduate of U of C and a proud holder of a BSc in Kinesiology. I hadn’t thought that much about it in the past few weeks, but while I was sitting in the ceremony I really realized how this segment of my life is over. I won’t necessarily miss the school work, but I will miss all the experiences, friends, Dinos and learning.

The convocation ceremony was a long 3 hours long. It wasn’t to bad until they started calling the names. It just dragged on and on. Fortunately we had an excellent speaker in Johann Olav Koss. He is a Norwegan long track speed skater who won multiple Olympic gold medals in the 90’s and held 11 world records. His most recent accomplishments involve starting the organization Right To Play. Definitely check out the Right to Play website for more information on this humanitarian project. His speech was excellent and I really appreciated his message. One of the best parts of the day was that my brother was in town and I had a great 24hours visiting with my family.

Congrats to all the other grads.
Grant Burwash
BSc in Kinesiology


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