Oakley Sample sale

The last 3 days have been an absolute blurr. I have been working 14+ hour days at the Oakley sample sale as well as at Speed Theory. It has been a blast though. Every time I do this I realize how much I love selling eyewear and chatting to the various people that come through. The sale came at a good time this year considering it snowed this morning and so riding yesterday and today would be on the chilly side. Last week I did get a couple really good rides in, and even two good runs.

Work has made me a little tired though, so I think tonight I’ll just chill with my roomies and watch a movie. Recently I saw an excellent movie lately called “Taken”. It is very intense, but worth a watch. It’s about a father who tries to get his daughter back after she is taken to be sold into the sex trade in Europe.

Tomorrow I am volunteering for the Kronos Calgary Kids of Steel triathlon at U of C. It’s always fun to help gets kids excited about the sport. Let’s hope tomorrow is a little warmer for them!


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