Sun, Starts and Cheers

My life has been insane in the past couple weeks and will continue for another week. I have been so excited that the sun finally has come out in Calgary and the weather is warming up. Thankfully, I have also had the opportunity to spend some time outside. I have had a couple great rides and runs in the heat lately. It’s incredible how much nicer training is when it’s a beautiful day and the leaves are coming out.

This morning I was heading up an aid station for the Calgary Marathon with Speed Theory. It was a blast. I spent 4hours cheering people on, handing out water, gatorade and sponges and listening to the live music that was beside us. Now, the music wasn’t the best, especially considering their play list seemed slightly limited, but it still was better than silence.

Yesterday and two other days I was a starter for the high school track meets. Our start crew had such a great time and worked very well together. Other than one unfortunate incident that resulted in a girl yelling at us. It’s surprising that some kids think they can show up as their race gets the “on your marks” command and still race. It is nice to help the kids learn about the sport and ensure they have a great time. Here are some pictures from the day.

Jackie, Grant, Dave and Kelsey relaxing in the sun during the 1500’s
Start team

Sandra getting ready to start a race
Serious starter

Jackie stole my gun.

“Don’t any of you false start now!”



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