Caught in the rain

Today is my day off and I was so excited to get out for a nice bike ride or a run in the heat of the day. Turns out that nature has a sense of humor and I am sitting at home now while the rain pours down. I did get a good swim in this morning and may go for a run this afternoon if my energy levels are ok, but we’ll have to see.

This morning I had some errands to run, so I hoped on my old beater mountain bike and headed over to the mall which is about 15 mins away. As I was just finishing up the skies opened up and it started hailing and dumping rain. I killed a little time to wait for the hail to stop and then strapped on my helmet and headed home. It was pretty miserable, but still kind of humerous how wet I was getting. By time I got home, I was freezing cold and soaked to the bone. If only I had remembered my rain jacket!


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