Birthday and exams

Last thursday was my birthday and I was lucky enough to get to celebrate twice. After a day studying I had a good run in the sun with some friends on the track team. That night I went out to dinner with my parents and had a good relaxing night. On Saturday my awesome roommates made me a great dinner with marinated steak, salad and bbq’d yams. For desert we had a chocolate fondue with tonnes of fruit, delicious!

Friday was officially my last day of classes as an undergraduate at the U of C. I wrote my first of 3 exams on Monday and have 2 more before I’m done next Tues. I am having a very difficult time studying because I’m just want to be finished. I wonder how many students are saying that right now?

Last week I went back to see my family doctor to try and get some answers. My HR has been ridiculously high again and I need some answers. He sent me in for the whole gammit of blood work, checked my adrenal glands, sent me for a chest x-ray and finally gave me a referral to see and endocrinologist. I’ve been wanting to see an endocrinologist for about 10 months and so I’m very thankful I will have the chance soon.



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