Night of the Dino and California 70.3

On Tuesday the University of Calgary Dinos had their annual Night of the Dino (NOTD). This is a great night where the athletes from all sports get together, dress up and awards are given out for the year. Every year this
night is a blast full of laughter, good friends, usually good food and lots of memories. It’s kind of sad because it means another year is over. I was fortunate enough to snag one of the extra tickets as a veteran of the team, even though I didn’t compete this year. Congrats to all the major award winners, all of which can be found at While you are there check out the link to Dino Myte, which is an awesome series NUTV put together to highlight some of the Dinos. Here are some pics of the evening.





I would also like to congratulate Lisa Mensink for a great 6th place finish at Oceanside 70.3 this weekend. I believe this was her first 70.3 race and what a stellar performance. Congrats also have to go out to Cat Brown, who competed as a pro for the first time and Alexandra Lys who had solid showing this weekend.

Results can be found here.

Until later,


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