I want a pool in my backyard!

Some of you have heard me talk about my dream training facility if I remain in Calgary. It would include a relatively small shed/trailer that is equipped with heaters and humidifiers so I can crank it up to 40C and 90% humidity if I want to. Inside I would have a computrainer, rollers, treadmill that you can program to simulate race courses, tv to watch while training and sound system. I realize this is completely doable although maybe not quite so extravagant as soon as I have a permanent residence.

A dream that I have not told many people though is that I wish I had a pool in my back yard. While I was growing up I always thought it would be pretty easy to dig a big 25m hole that is one lane wide and fill it with water. Of course thinking this was very impractical in Calgary I never mentioned it to anyone. Well, low and behold someone shared my idea. Conrad Stoltz, Xterra World Champion just finished a pool in his back yard. The catch is that he lives in South Africa where the temperatures push 50C. This thing looks awesome and think of how convenient it would be for those nice relaxed swims. You literally roll out of bed and into the pool and then sit on your porch after while you eat and get a tan. I also would like some sun for a tan right now but that is another rant.

Check this out. I’m jealous!


Check out the photo gallery here.



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