The Big Mazunga

After my week off, things have been progressively getting better. I was sick for most of my time off and I felt like I was relapsing at a rapid rate. This “relapse” was most likely just a combination of my body using all it’s resources to fight off the cold/flu and not recover from last summer. Either way, the past couple days have been much better.

Today I had to pick my parents up from the airport and ended up not making running practice. Instead I decided to spend some time on the bike trainer. I knew I wanted to get a solid ride in and was thinking about 2 hours. As it turns out I was really enjoying myself and found some really cool things to watch on youtube, good music and next thing you know I was at 2 hours. At this point I thought to myself “Well, I’m feeling good so lets keep going to 3 hours.” This plan was great until 2:40. At this point I started getting a little tired, thirsty and uncomfortable. I held on to make it an even 3 hours and have been sitting on the couch ever since. As a whole it was a great night and I’m stoked that I held together and rode a solid 3 hour ride.

One thing that helped was watching the Big Mazungo feature on Craig Mottram. Apparently he goes through 84 pairs of shoes a year! If you don’t know who he is, watch the video!

Until next time,



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