Remember Jason Lezak?

Last week has been a little slack for me training wise. My coach and I decided to take the next 10 days very easy to let myself recover and fight off some fitness. It had been a long time since I took a day off and we came to the conclusion that recovery is already very slow, so what will it hurt if we step back for a few days and let the body run through it’s regular course of recovery. This actually worked out perfectly because I had 2 midterms last week and a bunch of other things to do. It was my roommate Rob’s birthday, so I baked him a cake on Monday and every night last week we would have a study break at about 8pm and chat over some cake. A tip to all, food, especially cake, can really bring people together.

I also dropped off and picked up my roommate Neal from the airport for his Cancun trip. I was extremely jealous, especially when it was -30 here. Just to throw salt on my wound of longing for training in a hot climate, I am heading home tonight to drive my parents to the airport and take care of the house while they are in Phoenix. It’s not fair!

During my rest week I found this very interesting article on American swimmer Jason Lezak. I have watched his Olympic races dozens of times, especially the 4x100m freestyle. The article does a good job of shedding light on some of the troubles athletes go through with sponsorships and trying to make a living. It’s worth a read.

Jason Lezak


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