Great morning tempo run

This morning I went to track practice with my legs feeling a little tired and not feeling anything special. Considering with the windchill it was -30C and very icy, we decided to run inside. After running for 25mins the rest of the guys finished their stretching and about to start the tempo. They jokingly asked if I wanted to join in. I haven’t done a tempo run in about 9 months, but I was feeling ok so I said sure. My goal was just to hang with the last guy and see if I could make it the 15mins. Turns out, everything went much better than planned. Geoff took off right away, and I chilled for the first 6mins. Then I decided I was feeling good and decided to pick up the pace. I dropped the rest of the guys and ended up running over 4500m in the 15 min tempo. It’s nothing spectacular, but I could have gone faster and longer if I wanted. I was ecstatic with the result. The big question will be how I feel this afternoon at swimming and tomorrow.

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