Week in review

A lot has happened in the last week. Last week was reading break, which meant I didn’t have any school for a week. This is always a glorious time of the year that I like to call suicide prevention week at the universities. Since all my midterms were in the week prior to the break I was able to take a nice break from school. Last weekend I was helping the Kronos Triathlon club host a camp for a bunch of Jr triathletes. It was a blast and I was able to help with the swim and the run segment of the camp. It’s always fun to share your knowledge with others and to teach them about this great sport.

Two weeks ago I embarked on a month long cleanse. This involves no sugar, no wheat or any grains, gluten, dairy, citrus, bananas, honey, peanuts, corn, red meat, etc. It was at the advice of my naturopath Dr. Jason Ahlan. It is supposed to help clean out my intestines and get rid of any junk that may still be in there. We will then reintegrate foods and see how I react. Needless to say I’m having a hard time figuring out what to eat and last week I got hit hard. I was loosing weight and my energy levels were extremely low. I decided it would be best to take a couple days easy and go home. My parents always love me going home and the feeling is mutual. My cousin was there for a while with her 3 little boys, so for the first bit I did a lot of playing the the boys before I finally got to relax and spend some time with my folks. We made some great food that I could eat and then I came back in to start working at Speed Theory on Saturday, but more on that later.

There is some more big news to report, but I’ll probably do that tomorrow. There must be some magic at home because I’m feeling better since I came back into Calgary and training went very well today. I even took my spikes to practice to run a few 150m strides. It may sound ridiculous, but I’ll take anything I can get considering I haven’t done intervals in 8 months.

Until next time

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