Kronos Jr. Elite Camp

This weekend I had the privilege to do some coaching with the Kronos Jr. Elite camp. The camp was geared towards the jr’s going to the Canada Summer Games in PEI in August. That being said there were also athletes there that just wanted to spend the long weekend learning more about training and triathlon. The set up of the weekend was fantastic and combined some hard workouts with lots of technical drills and training in all three sports. In addition to the physical aspect, there were classroom sessions on nutrition, periodization and psychology. I wish there was this kind of stuff when I was starting out in triathlon. It is great that triathlon will be in the Canada Summer Games for the first time this year. It’s just another step for our sport to try and get younger people involved and healthy.
My main job this weekend was helping with the running section and timing people in the pool. I have done a ton of running drills in the past 7 months and it’s nice to share what I have learned. It’s amazing how some drills and plyometrics can improve your strength and your gait. I have always been a fan of these drills, but in the past have occasionally put them on the back burner due to training volumes. Well, I’m off to Yoga to limber up. Until next post.


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