Denied a swim

Friday morning I went swimming at U of C like I do every Friday. I was feeling pretty good in the water and even thinking of doing some quick 25’s to work on my turn over. About 25mins into my swim I hear a blasting whistle and so I stop and stick my head out of the water. I look over and see one of the lifeguards blowing her whistle and yelling at everyone to get out of the pool. Next, I hear a siren go off in the pool and before you know it everyone is out of the water standing on the pool deck. I immediately thought there was a leak some where or someone pooped in the pool, major injury, etc. I watched as one lifeguard hoped into the pool to help a lady out and hobble over to the bleachers. When they were away from the pool I thought, “perfect, I can get back in now and get on with things.” Nope, they shut down the pool for the rest of the morning. Apparently the lady had gotten in, swam 10m grabbed her side and started crying. It really sucks for her, but I think it was probably just a bad cramp, or at worst kidney stones! It was kind of irritating, but hopefully nothing major was wrong with her. I did get an extra long stretch in the steam room after that though before my first class at 9.

My training has been progressing. I’m finally seeing some signs of improvement. In the last 2 weeks I have done 4 runs over an hour and my resting HR has been below 50 3 times!  This is huge for me considering these are the best values I have seen in 7 months when my resting HR climbed from 38-63bpm. My run is finally feeling stronger and I can now keep up to all the girls and most of the guys on medium run.

Underwater at Kona

Underwater at Kona



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