New Years Resolutions

I have never been one to make new years resolutions. I do understand that it is an annual tradition for many people, which is fine. My pet peeve with them is that, most people don’t keep them. I totally support and encourage people to commit to eating better, exercising, procrastinating less, etc, but please stick with it.

You may be wondering where this is coming from, well let me enlighten you. Every year for about 4 weeks after New Years, the gyms, pools, etc are filled with new people. This morning was no different. There were about 10 people in each lane at the U of C pool this morning. I was kind of upset the lifeguards didn’t open up the other 4 empty lanes reserved for the swim club that didn’t show up. Some of us got talking in our lane and we were joking that we just have to wait a few weeks for everything to die down and everything will be back to normal. It doesn’t irritate me that more people are in the gyms and pools, it does bother me that a lot of those people will not be in the gym when beach season finally rolls around.

Long story short. If you made a resolution this year, stick to it. For you own sake, please stick to it and make 2009 count!

Here is just a little motivation to get you started.




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