Cardboard + garbage bags + friends = epic night

Friday night I was sitting at home, tired of studying and watching the snow come down. My room mate Neal came home and we got to talking about how great skiing would be the next day, except for the frigid temperatures. Well, one thing lead to another and the next thing you know, we were putting on our winter gear and heading out to St. Andrews hill to go “boxing”.

Neal actually had skis that he was going to use, but I did not. We decided to grab a cardboard box out of the garage and put it inside a couple garbage bags. We filled a thermos with hot chocolate and trekked the 20 mins to the hill. The box actually worked surprisingly well and I was able to get some great speed. Fortunately it was cold enough (-18) that the box and plastic slid very well. We ended up seeing some good friends there and racing crazy carpets for the rest of the night. It was truly an epic night and a great break from studying.



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