Working for Oakley and finishing classes

Today is the bitter-sweet day of the semester that is known as snow pants day.   Snow pants day is the last day of classes of the fall semester. Before you start asking several questions in your mind, let me clear some things up:

1)Yes, people where snow pants to class today (mostly engineers)

2)No, I am not currently wearing snow pants

3)No, Santa Clause does not exist

It is a weird day because you feel as if you are done the semester and yet, there is still  exams to study for and write. At least this year I only have 2 finals left and they are nicely spread out.

Oakley is having their annual sample sale this weekend and so I’m working for them from Thursday through Saturday. There are some ridiculous deals considering everything is 50% off! It’s a lot of fun talking sunglasses to people and telling them how good they look. I even get to model some for people to see how they would look on their brother, friend, husband, etc. Watch out, my modeling career has begun!

Enjoy the weekend,



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