My good old adrenal glands

Wednesday was a good day. After 5 months of trying to figure out what was going on with my health I finally got some answers. To bring you all up to speed I will start from the beginning. I was born at a very young age…just joking. Last spring I was more tired than usual. Most of my races didn’t go very well, but I just kept telling myself that was because I was tired from all the training I had been doing. In June I travelled to Turkey for the FISU Triathlon Championships (World University). During the race it felt like someone turned a switch off in my body and I started to fall apart. Before I knew it I had stopped sweating and my mind was doing some crazy things like repeating mantras like “tick, tick, tick” or just not thinking at all. I managed to finish the race and passed out at the finish line. Despite my best efforts to resist, I ended up in a Turkish hospital until I had to leave get some food before leaving to fly home to Canada that night.

After the race I came home and expected 1-2 weeks to recover from heat stroke. The thing is that I never got better. I got to the point where I would run for 5 mins and have to sleep for 2 hours. I stopped training all together for 2 months and tried to figure things out. I saw a couple doctors and nothing so I decided to try a naturopath. We finally figured out that my adrenal glands shut down and my body was just now trying to recover. I will be starting treatments soon and hope to be back to full training in the new year. We think I had some virus in the early season that set this off when I put myself through the extremely stressful race in Turkey. I had heard a lot about Dr. Jason Ahlan, my naturopath and have been very impressed. He has been able to put things together that no one else has and best of all he truly cares about my health and my racing.

Hopefully things will start to turn around soon. Thanks for your continued support.



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