If any of you don’t know, I have been dealing with health issues for the past 5 months. My body decided it was time to shut down and left me useless for quite some time before I started to heal. Even though I am still unsure of what went wrong, I am slowly starting to feel better and get back to some training. Last week was very good to me and I was increasing volume and my heart rate was staying down. Then Monday hit. I swam this morning at 6 and was tired the entire time. My arms didn’t want to move and I could have floated there in the water and easily fallen asleep. I came home and had a nap before my class at 10, which I almost fell asleep in aswell. It is now 12:30 and I’m still very tired so I’m going home to nap again. Yes, being a student with a flexible time table does have it’s benefits. Let’s just say today is going to be a write off.


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