Gold Medal Plates Calgary

On Thursday I had the opportunity to help out with the Gold Medal plates dinner. I have volunteered for this event in Calgary every year since it’s inception in 2003. The evening included 10 local chefs competing in a culinary competition for the gold medal plate awarded by a judging pannel. There are 6 Canadian cities involved that each host a dinner, silent auction, live auction and olympians. The evening is designed to raise money for Canadian athletes specifically through the programs of Own the Podium and Road to Excellence. Simon Whitfield, Adam van Koeverden, Adam Kreuk and Carol Huynh all spoke, which made the night a truly inspirational and enjoyable evening. There was probably 25 Olympians present in total including my good friend Joshua Riker-Fox. Every year I look forward to this even to mingle with fellow athletes as well as some of the major companies in Calgary. I would like to thank every company or individual that bought a table or any of the auction items. Canadian athletes need all the support we can get and it’s great that there are evenings like this to bring awareness to Canadian athletes and their accomplishments.

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